A Capital Bikeshare Gem

It feels strange that it took this long to write a gem, but I just released one! It’s called capital-bikeshare, and it’s a wrapper that makes dealing with Capital Bikeshare (DC’s bikeshare system) data easier.

The gem grabs station data (published in XML) and structures it into Ruby objects so you can do:

> require 'capital-bikeshare'
> client = CapitalBikeshare::Client.new
> client.fetch # gets station data
> client.stations.first
=> #<CapitalBikeshare::Station:0x007fd7ae8728b8 @id=1...

Hopefully this helps people develop more Capital Bikeshare-related applications.*

I just slapped a v1.0 tag on it but I assure you that there many bugs; if you find any, please open an issue!

* If anyone’s taking requests, I’d really like an Android app with two screens:

  1. trying to find a bike
  2. trying to park a bike

Spotcycle crashes for me like all the time.